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  What do you charge to sell my property?
We are NOT agents! We do not provide a real estate service. We provide you with a web site on which to display your house. Our fees are fixed, and depend on how big you want your web site to be. You will find your various cost options here. If you want a Free listing click here
  What is the position re fees if you do not sell the property?
We are NOT agents! We do not sell your property- you do. Our fees are the same whether you sell the property or not. You will find your various cost options here.
  What do I have to do now, if I want to get my property listed?

You need to send us a photo(s) of your house, a full description and your payment. You can find our contact details here and you can download our application form here.

  I submitted my free ad, but it is not showing yet

Free listings are reviewed & posted whenever we get a spare moment (which is not very often). Some states and suburbs are not set up for listings yet. If you wish to list on our site you can have your own web page for your property from $187. You will find your options here

  When I click on some of your properties I couldn't access them?

Our search pages list the names of a lot of suburbs, but as this is a new service we do not have listings in every suburb. You can only visit the ones that are underlined.

  Will my house be easy to find on the internet if I advertise here?

Let's be honest. There are 100s of web sites advertising houses. Nearly every real estate agent has one. So realistically you cannot rely on an ad on our site (or anyone else's) to sell your house. Sure there are over 90 million Internet users out there, so being on our site won't do you any harm. But you should think of it as primarily a back-up for your newspaper advertising.

  Do I have to advertise in the newspaper to use this service?

No. We are not affiliated with any newspaper. However, its probably not a good idea to rely solely on being found on our site. Read the answer to the question above.

  Why should I advertise here?

The main benefit our service offers is to make your newspaper advertising more effective, by allowing potential buyers to learn a lot more about what you have to offer. As you know it is impossible to put everything about your house into an ad, and a colour photo in the newspaper is prohibitively expensive. By referring in your ad to your web site, your ad will be able to give the interested buyer a lot more information.

  I live in New Zealand, is there a similar website there?


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